Famous contemporary artists


The paintings of the most famous contemporary artists can compete with classical canvases. They merged innovation and traditional ways of depicting. These masterpieces adorn the world’s best art galleries and private collections. Some paintings “tour” the exhibition halls, others decorate the walls of the White House and some diplomatic missions. They are given to ambassadors and presidents, monarchs and movie stars.

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William Henrits (Holland)

“Sweet Singer of Urbanism”. Something like this was dubbed by art critics Henrits at one of his solo exhibitions. The works of the famous contemporary artist from Holland are known far beyond the borders of his homeland.

Who has not tried to capture the old streets of Amsterdam, with its canals, bridges and red-light districts! But those who are familiar with his work will recognize his masterpieces and fall in love at first sight.

Watercolor, pastel, acrylic or oil… What’s the difference than to create masterpieces? The main thing is that it should be “mega-talented”, as one of the experts of modern painting said!

Bulgarian Art – Tsviatko Kinchev

An amazing play with color – this is how one can briefly characterize the work of one of the most famous artists of our time. A striking palette, thoughtful composition and simple plots for sketching from urban life.

It does not grey for anyone that his masterpieces cannot be called “canvases” or “paintings”. He does not use paints and brushes in the traditional sense. The Bulgarian mastered the secrets of digital painting to perfection.

Kinchev ingeniously “creates” in Photoshop on his computer. Even the great contemporary artists wonder how it is possible to imitate the manner of the Impressionists in digital format?!

Canadian artist Linda Wilder

Linda Wilder (Wilder) grew up in the mountain forests of Canada. The beauty of nature has always admired the gifted girl, from whom one of the most famous artists of our time has grown. Her paintings are in private collections in Canada and in contemporary art museums around the world.

Delightful landscapes, made with a special brush in a characteristic manner, are a recognizable handwriting of the author. Sweeping but precise strokes, surprisingly well-chosen colors and subtly noticed play of light and shadow create the illusion that the paintings are filled with light. It seems that water is about to pour out of the carved frame.

Ken Hong Lung (China)

“Master of magical landscapes” – this is how one of the most famous contemporary artists was dubbed. These provincial landscapes, fishing villages and mountain peaks shrouded in morning fog will not leave anyone indifferent.

The landscapes of one of the most beautiful places in the “Celestial Empire” have forever settled in the heart of the unusually gifted Ken Hong Lung from Hong Kong. His paintings quickly became famous abroad. Now art galleries in China and Hong Kong are asserting their right to permanent placement of his works.

In the late 70s, he received American citizenship, which gave him more freedom in his creative development. But his heart belongs entirely to the Asian fiefdom.

You can choose a picture of any subject in the gallery or order your own

Leonid Afremov

Many try to imitate the special manner of painting by Leonid Afremov, with sweeping large strokes. The influence of the Impressionists is guessed in them, but the famous modern artist is always unmistakably recognizable among other reproductions, made only as a pathetic imitation of the master.

His canvases simultaneously resemble a firework of colors, a mosaic, a whirlwind of autumn leaves, a wind song and a kaleidoscope of broken glass. Some young artists think that they can do it, but this is just an illusion.

Work in oils and acrylics inspired by travels is a source of inspiration for the famous Belarusian. Oh, Paris, Paris is a poet’s dream…

Eugene Jay Paprosky (USA)

The delightful painting of Eugene Jay Paprosky from Chicago surprisingly touches the soul at first sight. Traveling around Europe is a source of inspiration for an American who studied painting professionally at a professional school at a local university.

The secret of his work is his passion for Impressionist paintings, but his manner is different from everything that was known to art critics before him.

Many private collections and museums around the world willingly acquire his masterpieces. Connoisseurs and just idle viewers are happy to look at his paintings. Many come to the conclusion that they don’t want to discuss them, but simply silently examine all the strokes and small details.

Nikas Safronov

The lists of famous contemporary artists include the name of a shocking secular rake . Nikas Safronov is certainly a very talented person.

Safronov is one of the highest paid artists . But he preferred to replicate his talent for dubious activities, making parodies in the style of classical portraiture.

Someone enviously calls him a “court painter”, criticizing the portraits of the first persons presented by Safronov.