Street art and graffiti

Graffiti often gets a bad rap, but when real artists get down to business, this street art transforms the city into an absolutely stunning modern place. Graffiti and street art are not always legal, but this rarely stops the desire of street artists to show their creativity to others.

In recent years, high-quality street art has become one of the destinations that attracts tourists from all over the world. Street art can tell a whole story about culture and life without a single word. More and more communities are including street art and graffiti in the design concepts of modern neighborhoods and districts of their cities.

Take a look at the best street art from around the world:


You can find street art literally everywhere in the German capital. One of the main street art teams in Berlin is considered to be three guys from the Mentalgassi collective, who have some of the best and most unique artworks in the city.


For many years this city has been gathering an incredible number of talented people from all over the world. Thanks to this, the history and culture of New York is unlike any other city.

In recent years, New York City street artists have been flocking to Bushwick, an area of ​​Brooklyn famous for its hipster culture. Here you will find a lot of world-famous street art works: from pink drawings of Buff Monster to incredibly realistic portraits on the walls of buildings.


In the capital of Mexico, you can find truly incredible works from the world of street art. The city has become even more colorful with the advent of the All City Canvas street movement, which included 9 talented street artists. Most of the team’s work was created with the support of the city of Mexico City.


Street art in Valparaiso can be seen in some of the safest tourist areas in the city – Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepcion.


Street art in London can be found in many places and in many forms, from Banksy street stencils and bright graffiti on the walls to giant statues like a blue rooster, located in Trafalgar Square.

To truly immerse yourself in the street art culture of London, you should definitely visit the Shoreditch area of ​​the city. Another great option is the Alternative London Walking Tours, one of London’s longest walking tours dedicated to street art.


Prague streets are just strewn with various drawings. Graffiti in this city is already like a part of the culture and one of the main ways of self-expression for young street artists.


In 2011, the Crono Project was created in the Portuguese capital, the purpose of which was to decorate abandoned buildings. The best local street art artists took up the work.